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The sweet history of Android

The sweet history of Android

It’s astounding to think that Android has only been around for six years, but in the computer world, this is a huge amount of time. In addition to the exponential improvement of hardware features such as RAM and CPU as one would expect, Android has totally revolutionized the cell phone. Today we’ll discover together how the OS has become the most popular mobile operating system in the entire world.
Android teaser

Each new release represents a significant evolutionary step and are now points of reference for the smartphone market.
In case you never really caught on, each version was in alphabetical order and named after a candy or dessert.

Android 1.5 - Cupcake

Android cupcake banner

  • Improvement of the camera (start and acquisition).
  • Increase in GPS position speed detection
  • Virtual Keyboard.
  • Automatic loading of videos on YouTube, and Picasa.

Android 1.6 - Donut

Android donut banner

  • The box for quick search and voice search
  • Indicator for battery usage
  • Grouping of the camera and gallery apps and shooting mode addition
  • Text-to-speech languages

Android 2.0 - Eclair

Android eclair banner

  • Multiple accounts for email and contact synchronization.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 support
  • New user interface for the browser and HTML5 support.
  • New functions for the calendar app

Android 2.2 - Froyo

android froyo banner

  • Support for creating hotspots (sharing a connection via WIFI)
  • Adobe Flash 10.1
  • Multilingual Keyboard
  • "Widget guide" addition that helps you learn the features Android

Android 2.3 - Gingerbread

Android gingerbread banner

  • Interface revised for easier and faster user experience
  • New keyboard for faster text input
  • Selecting text features, copy/paste
  • Integrated Internet calls

Android 3.0 - Honeycomb

Android Honeycomb banner

  • Tablet version, interface optimized for larger screens
  • Improved multitasking, notification management, customization and widgets on the home screen
  • Added tethering via Bluetooth
  • Built-in support for easy transfer of media files to your PC

Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich

Android icecreamsandwich banner

  • New font (Roboto)
  • Possibility of triggering a picture with a smile
  • Adding functionality such as managing folders, bookmarks and capture screenshots
  • Swipe addition to hide notifications, close web pages and more
  • Support for Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth HDP and Android Beam

Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean

Android jellybean banner

  • Faster, smoother, more responsive to inputs
  • Resizable widgets
  • Google Now, voice dictation offline
  • Improved Android Beam
  • Updates to the app improved and faster

Android 4.4 - KitKat

Android banner kitkat

  • Support for Bluetooth MAP
  • New framework for transitions in the user interface
  • Support for wireless printing
  • Optimization of memory and touch screen for faster multitasking

Android 5.0 - LolliPop?

Android banner lollipop

So, now you are just a bit smarter about the history of Android, a truly succulently sweet story. What do you think will come next?


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