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How to use a 3G or 4G USB internet dongle with your Android Device

Many people might have these 3G internet dongles lying around. which they use with their PCs and Macs. For people in many countries, the 3G speed might be faster than that of their home broadband internet connection.
People who have tablets without 3G support might find the need to use these dongles with their device to get something downloaded quickly when the broadband is down. This can be done using an Android app called PPP Widget. As the name suggests, it is a widget, not an app.
It is available in the Play Store and it is free. Download it to your device from here. You will need to be rooted and you must have a USB OTG cable. Depending on the type of USB port on your device you will have to get a Mini-USB or Micro-USB OTG cable.These cables can be easily purchased from Amazon, eBay or any other local store for around 2$ to 3$. Here are a few links- AmazoneBay.
Your device must also support the USB host feature. Most devices do come with this support. You can check with Google whether your device has support for USB host. If you are running a custom ROM with a kernel modified by the dev, you will most likely have support for it.
  1. Install PPP Widget from the Google Play Store from here
  2. Place the widget on your home screen. Connect the dongle via the USB OTG cable.
  3. You will get a popup asking you if you want PPP Widget to open up whenever this device is connected.
    Tick the Use by default for this USB device option and hit OK.
  4. You might get this popup many times. Do the same step given above all the times. Once the status changes to Disconneted, hit the connect button.
  5. You will get a screen like this. Choose the first option- – Access Point Name.
  6. Refer to this link and lookup the APN for your carrier. Enter the Dialling string based on your carrier. CDMA – #777 , GSM – *99***1#.
  7. Once you are done, go back to the homescreen and hit the Connect Button
  8. There you go. Now you have the internet from your 3G dongle on your Andorid device. Check the WiFi network name in the Notifications and it should be PPPWidget
There you go, you have your 3G dongle working on your Android device. Check the video below for a tutorial.
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