Friday, 6 December 2013

Now Google Play Music allows storing on external SD

Google has updated its Play Music app to better support phones with external storage. As the manufacturer of Nexus devices with no external storage (and having spoken against it), it’s a bit of a surprise that Google would work to support it. Though, it does make sense to provide a useful feature to consumers.
If you store music on your device, you can now tell the app to store it on your external SD instead of your internal memory, freeing up space for games and other media that has to go on your internal memory. For those with a lot of music and games on their phones, this is an incredibly useful feature.
Google also added a new share menu, namely the standard one that is in every app. You can now share your music to anywhere you want. If you’re the kind of person to share their music with social networks, this could be useful.
If you want to use these new features, head to the Play Store or hit the source link to update the app. To select a different storage location, go Settings and press Storage location. Do you find external storage important? Leave a comment!

Tabrez Shaikh


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