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Method 2 of 2: Android SDK

  1. Install the Android SDK
    • The SDK starter package includes the Android SDK and AVD Manager. This is a tool that we will now use to download some required SDK components into our development environment.

    • The starter package we downloaded only contains the newest version of the SDK tools. In order to develop Android applications, we will need to download at least one Android platform so we can emulate a phone/tablet via our computer hardware.
    • In the root of the SDK directory, find and execute the SDK Manager.exe file. Note: Right-click and run as administrator to avoid any permission declination.

    • Choose the Android platform version which you wish to develop on and click Install packages. You will be prompted with a pop-up, check off Accept and click Install.

  2. 2
    Download and Install the Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin for Eclipse
    • Google provides a custom plugin for Eclipse, called ADT, that aids developers in creating Android applications faster and more efficiently.
    • Open Eclipse and select Help-->Install New Software
    • Click Add
    • In the pop-up dialog, type 'ADT Plugin' in the Name field and enter the following URL in the location field:

    • Click OK. If you're having issues in downloading the plugin, use "http" instead of "https".
    • Select the 'Developer Tools' option and click Next. Once the tools are downloaded, click Next.

    • Read and accept the License Agreements. When you are done, click Finish and restart Eclipse.
      • Note: you may encounter a Security Warning message notifying you of unsigned content. If you do, click OK.
  3. 3
    Configure ADT plugin
    • In Eclipse, select Window --> Preferences .
    • Select Android from the panel on the left. Choose if you want to opt into sending usage statistics and click Proceed.
    • In the SDK Location field, click Browse and choose the directory where you saved the Android SDK in step
    • Click Apply -->OK. You have now configured the ADT plugin successfully.

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